Committed to transparency, The AI Star is the new go-to source for AI in entertainment.

Audience + Studio Approved Tool

Corporate Sustainability Initiative for Responsible AI

Creators Enjoy Credit for Human-Made Work

Used by Award Committees to Properly Vet Nominees 

The AI Star is a comprehensive tool for the public, studios, and crew members to learn if and how artificial intelligence was used in a production. Transparency in entertainment starts here!

How The AI Star works?

1. The production company, director, manager, record label, or artist can submit their project to be reviewed and assigned an AI Star.

2. Our team will compare your submission to our guidelines and categorize your project into one of our three Stars (AI-Free, AI-Limited, AI-Relied).

3. Your project will be licensed the AI Star that was assigned to it. A unique identifier code will be featured on the star to allow for ease of access to the online report.

4. You will earn the respect of audiences, crew, studios, and fellow artists by promoting a transparent AI industry. z

*Evaluations accepted for all languages! Contact with questions/concerns.

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